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Mareno Cooking Range


Mareno is cooking range company which offers Harmonious and appealing design for a modern, practical and efficient kitchen, ideal for professional cooking. The New Protagonista 60, 70 and 90 series is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Attractive and appealing gas or electric range. Innovative materials and techniques. These New products consists of 18 ranges totalling 140 configurations. High efficiency models in which technology and energy savings have become an integral part of the quality and choice of function. Mareno products are Powerful, efficient, compact and reliable.

Standard features of the range

Innovation: high efficiency open burners. Precise adjustable power settings. Pasta cookers complete with water sensor to prevent dry start. New style fryer tank with extended cool zone. New static oven with cast iron base, steam escape vent as standard. Water jacketed indirect boiling pans. Flues only where strictly necessary.
Performances: increased performance up to 40% on all appliances.
Reliability: standard Aisi 304/304ps/316/439M stainless steel construction. Easy-to-clean 20/10 pressed top.
Range: large range of appliances, 140 gas and electric products, flexible combination.
Safety: protection against water rating IPX5.
Hygiene: larger use of pressed tops and deep drawn tanks for easy cleaning.
Design: modular equipment designed in keeping with the aesthetics and functions.

Main Product Range: Cookers, Maxi Ovens, Solid Tops, Induction Range, Glass ceramic Range, Fryers, Griddle plates, Grills, Pasta Cookers, Tilting Bratt Pans, Boiling Pans, Bain Marie, Base Units.

You can find more details on their web site:

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